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Using motion design to illustrate informative and visual appealing stories about the brand’s most coveted projects.


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Motion Design


Dec 2020

Android Partner Academy

Motion graphics allow Android to convey important features of Android products to both employees and potential customers in a friendly, engaging and straight forward manner. The 20+ projects were part of a curriculum training over 10,000+ new Android employees every year. 

The projects spanned multiple range of topics, from benefits of the physical product to actual walk-throughs of features within the software. Many creative liberties were cast upon representing the UI as we walked a fine line between representing it accurately and creating an interpretation that matched with the animation style.

Selected work from early 2019. Getting a grasp on rhythm

Branding Guidelines

Following the roll-out of Android’s rebrand. I found it an amazing opportunity to work under strict branding guidelines. This gave us a foundation for use of typography, shapes, and color that we could utilize.

Tight Deadlines

This role required juggling multiple competing priorities, which I successfully did while maintaining a strict delivery timetable. I was responsible for regularly meeting tight deadlines that required 3-day turnarounds.

Leading the Charge of Motion

Animation Systems

The storyboards provided left little notes allowing for more creative freedom in transitions and flow. With the rebrand being fresh, there was not much content for our video team to reference. 

Our projects became the standing example (and guinea pig) regarding animation systems.

Easing were established as a cadence for flow, bringing objects into frame in a timely manner. This animation style was applied to various elements such as typography and symbols. 

Results &

With video over taking the massive majority of internet media, over 69% in 2017 reports Cisco, the demand of motion design has only increased.

The adoption of motion design has allowed for delivering complex features and benefits in an easy-to-understand way for both the employees and the end customer. This was in comparison to other methods of training used in the past.

The addition of motion design to my design tool-box has allowed me to add a different element towards overall projects. Through this project I have already used the skills I’ve learned to add lasting effects on projects on top of enhancing subtle qualities in product design.