Creative Direction


April 2020

Gooddogs Clothing Company is a solo-passion project dedicated to Doing More Good by donating 25% of the proceeds to local animal shelters. is a clothing line that is inspired by the very animals it helps saves.

It is through my time volunteering at my local animal rescue that I have had the honor to meet such passionate and hardworking individuals that inspired us with their stories, personalities, and livelihoods. It is through these events that inspired me to take action and do more good by sharing the stories as well as representing the underdogs.

Arizona's Center of Animal Rescue and Education

Gooddogs is partnered with AZ Care, a non-profit all breed dog and cat rescue in Arizona.

They are dedicated to reducing the euthanasia rate in our state through education, spay/neuter programs and adoption events. Their network of foster homes provide a safe haven for dogs/cats while they wait for their forever homes.

Everyone's Best Friend is influenced by simplicity and minimalism.

The overall identity for Gooddogs to be heavily influenced by Japanese design principles like Ma (間). The minimalism allowed to call better attention to the illustration style as well as keep costs low for production, critical to a solo operation. The color white also resembles a type of purity that reflects the animal’s spirits we help save in the rescue.

Doing More Good.

The secondary tagline was born from a need of a catchy phrase that people could use and share with others. The length of the tagline made it easily applicable to social media campaigns under the hashtag #DoMoreGood and smaller forms of mediums such as stickers.

Shot by Jay Estrada @eqstaxykoala

Shot by Breanna Wright @rgbrea

Shot by Yohan Lai @yohanlai

Shot by Breanna Wright @rgbrea

E-Commerce Product Design

Now that the branding is established, it was equally important to find these products a home. This was where product design came in in the form of E-Commerce. The site utilized WordPress and was configured through a mix of site-builders from Elementor to custom css and html.

Rooting for the Underdogs

The website also featured an underdogs section highlighting local changemakers that overcame massive amounts of adversity. Working with these inspiring individuals made me want to broadcast these stories to an audience who had the same values.

Conclusion & Results

The overall project was eye opening from both a project construction standpoint as well as a logistical one. Keeping an eye out for the technical aspects of running and manning the back-end of the website on top of keeping track of inventory, shipping and orders was overwhelming to say the least. The large undertaking gives me a new perspective and angle I would have never thought possible when tackling creative branding issues. 

Instead of thinking about just the brand’s missions, I was also thinking about the end user and how the branding could translate in terms of packaging and user experience.

Partnering with an actual local 501c(3) Animal Rescue made the project have a sort of weight to it that separates this from an ordinary solo-passion project.

Suffice to say, having full control over the branding and art direction was amazing as far as identity design goes. It was through this project that I gained insights on crafting an identity with an intent to benefit my local community. 

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